Creative Porches

Creative Porches


Our team is multi-talented for work inside and outside our customer’s place, but it’s safe to say that creative porches are our claim to fame – we use top grade materials, follow our customer’s design ideas and bring permanent value to their home and their lifestyle. 

Big exterior projects can create disruptions. With that in mind, starting on time, finishing on time and cleaning up every day are all part of our reputation! Part of our “respect” for our customers includes going through all the details before we start:

Fielding Construction has years of hands-on experience and you will be working directly with the skilled craftspeople doing your job. That’s part of our reputation for respect…we treat your home like we would our own home!

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Our Estimates

They will specify labor, materials and estimated time

Our Terms

Deposits, progress payments and final payments specified


They happen, we deal with them respectfully


Nobody likes them and we work to avoid them



Meet for an estimate.

If we are in agreeance with the terms of the estimate, we meet for another walk thru to define the details of your project. Pick a start date and depending on the scope of your project we sign a contract with 5% down to lock your project in for scheduling.

2-3 weeks prior to start date 25-45% of the payment is due as defined in your estimate. This will ensure materials are ordered and ready when we begin your project.

As stages of the project are completed to your satisfaction, percentages of payments must be made as defined in the estimate. With the final payment received at the completion of your project.

Every large project requires a lot of materials. They include such bulks as disposable building tools, lumber, hardware and labor, and potentially include tile, mortar, grout, rough plumbing materials, paint and many others.  We do our best to include everything in our estimates.

Depending on dimensions of the space and amount of work, it can be from a week to a month to complete the project.

It begins with our customers sending us a text or email. We charge an estimating fee for new clients and depending on the size of the project a fee for an estimate.

Fishing is fun, but not when pricing a major project!